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How do I select the "right" size for my coaching gear?

How do I select the "right" size for my coaching gear?

We receive a lot of questions from our customers regarding the "right" sizing of our coaching equipment. Therefore, we have put together some information which should help you to determine which is the "right" size for you.

We will give you information about the "right" sizing for 1. our Belly Protectors (Belly Pads), 2. our Kick Pads, and 3. our Focus Mitts.


  1. Belly Protectors (Belly Pads)

BOON_Belly Pad

BOON® Belly Protectors (BPB1, BPV1, BPB2, BPV2, BPB3, BPV3) come in the sizes Medium and Large.

The sizing for Belly Pads is mainly about personal preference and depend on the trained athlete/ fighter rather than a trainer’s body type. Coaches who work with large, heavy hitting fighters may prefer the extra padding of our Large Belly Pads. The Large Belly Pads also provide a bigger target (due to the bigger dimensions), which might be beneficial for inexperienced athletes.

A smaller trainer may have trouble with our Large Belly Pad, however a taller/ larger trainer larger trainer would be fine with a Medium size.

As a reference, Thai coaches tend to use Medium-sized Belly Pads as they are generally working with fighters below middleweight.

Our Belly Pads are available as a Velcro or Buckle option which is purely a personal preference. The belts on BOON® Belly Pads for Medium and Large are long enough for most body types.

You can find all of our premium Belly Protectors here.


  1. Kick Pads


BOON_Kick Pads

Similar to Belly Pads, Kick Pads sizing is all about individual preference and the fighter’s – not the trainer’s – size. Our Kick Pads generally come in sizes Small, Medium and Large (such as NKPB, NKPV, KPB, KPV). Our Curved Kick Pads come in only one size.

Small Kick Pads are light, allowing for fast movement and preventing trainer fatigue. As they are short, Small Kick Pads can leave a trainer’s elbow exposed, which can be a problem if the student’s kicks are not accurate.

Medium Kick Pads provide a good balance, they are long enough to protect elbows for most coaches, without being too heavy.

Small and Medium BOON® Kick Pads have the same amount padding. The majority of Thai trainers use Small or Medium Kick Pads.

Large Kick Pads have an extra layer of padding for heavy strikers. Large Kick Pads are best used with large and heavy students/fighters. In addition, large Kick Pads allow for a bigger target for more inexperienced students/ athletes.

Our Curved Kick Pads are light, while still having adequate padding for fighters up to around 70 kg. The padding of our Curved Kick Pads is thickest at the center of the Kick Pad.

All of our BOON® Kick Pads come as a Buckle or Velcro option – except of our Curved Kick Pads which only come as a Velcro. Again, this is dependent on personal preference. We see that most experienced trainers here in Thailand tend to use our Buckle option.

You can find all of our premium Kick Pads here.


  1. Focus Mitts

BOON_Focus Mitts

The sizing of our Focus Mitts depends again on your personal preference and the purpose/ use (e.g. precision, kicks etc.) Our Focus Mitts come in Small (Micromitts), Medium, and Large.

Our Micromitts are designed to train a student's/ fighter's precision of punches. They come with (i.e. FMSHC) or without hood (i.e. FMSC) to protect the coach's fingers.

Large Focus Mitts represent a bigger target. Some trainers even use Large Focus Mitts for catching kicks since the padding is a bit thicker than of our Medium Focus Mitts. They also come with (i.e. FMHC) or without a hood (i.e. FMC, FMF).

You can find all of our premium Focus Mitts here.