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About BOON®

We at BOON® strive to design and manufacture high-quality Muay Thai gear for demanding athletes. Our focus is on quality and craftsmanship not "fancy" designs. We use top grade leathers, foam, and fabrics for our gear.

All of our products are produced in Thailand – most of them in our own factory in Bangkok, Thailand. We are a family-run business and place value on maintaining a high quality standard throughout our entire product portfolio.

We started BOON® Sport in 2002 with the ambition to design and manufacture custom high-quality Muay Thai apparel. Working closely with fighters and gyms in Thailand, our company quickly became a synonym for quality and attention to detail in the combat community.

In 2005, we expanded our product portfolio to provide high-quality boxing equipment. Starting with Kick Pads and Focus Mitts, designs were developed in consultation with top-level Bangkok-based trainers to ensure that our gear was durable and practical. All of our equipment went through a rigorous testing phase in Thailand’s toughest gyms. We incorporated feedback from trainers and fighters alike to refine our gear further and define products that stand the test of time.

Our vision is to become the world's leading premier Muay Thai and combat brand providing superior products to our athletes. We are dedicated to authenticity and quality.

Today, our equipment and gear is used in Thailand's most famous boxing gyms. Numerous world-class Muay Thai fighters are friends of our brand and our products, i.e. Petchboonchu Benz, John Wayne Parr, Bovy, Artur Kyshenko, Liam Harrison and many others.

As a family-run enterprise, we are aware of our social responsibility and support smaller and less well-known gyms in Thailand. We at BOON® Sport care about high ethical standards – by not using any sort of child labor – providing health insurance and allow maternity leave to our employees.

We are looking forward to work towards our vision and deliver you with superior products and experiences.



Scott Marr
CEO & Co-Owner