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The official BOON® Sport online shop. Worldwide shipping in 3-4 working days. Free shipping within Thailand.

Shipping Policy & Shipping Rates

With our logistics partner DHL Express, we ship our products worldwide to your doorstep. Most of our parcels are delivered within 3-4 working days. ( for Russia DHL service only ship as a Company name please provide TAX ID )

  • We cannot ship to APO and FPO address.
  • We cannot ship to PO Box address for Expedited Shipping.

We have negotiated preferred shipping rates with our logistics partner DHL Express which we provide directly to our customers. The shipping rate is calculated automatically based on the items in your shopping cart during the check-out process. In very rare cases and for remote areas, there might be an additional "out-of-area" delivery charge for orders.

In order to provide maximum transparency, please refer to the following shipping rates:

Category Zone 1  Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Up to 0.5 kg $23.00 $25.00 $26.00 $29.00 $44.00
Up to 1 kg $24.00 $26.00 $27.00 $31.00 $47.00
Up to 1.5 kg $26.00 $30.00 $31.00 $37.00 $58.00
Up to 2 kg $28.00 $34.00 $35.00 $41.00 $67.00
Up to 2.5 kg $31.00 $37.00 $39.00 $46.00 $75.00
Up to 5 kg $40.00 $48.00 $52.00 $68.00 $107.00
Up to 7.5 kg $72.00 $95.00 $114.00 $138.00 $216.00
Up to 10 kg $105.00 $143.00 $176.00 $209.00 $327.00
Up to 15 kg $145.00 $216.00 $241.00 $307.00 $477.00
Up to 20 kg $149.00 $249.00 $269.00 $344.00 $537.00
Up to 25 kg $181.00 $309.00 $334.00 $429.00 $653.00
Up to 30 kg $212.00 $369.00 $399.00 $514.00 $768.00

    More information about which countries are in which zone, please click here.

    Duties and Taxes Policy

    We are not responsible for any duties or taxes fee from the customer destination countries.
    The customs regulations on import duties and taxes are different for each country. From our experiences, the duties and taxes will be very strict for South American Countries. Please check the customs rules and regulations in your country for further details.



    As of July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) including the United Kingdom will remove the Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for low-value imported goods (i.e. all goods with a value of up to €22*). As a result, all commercial imports into the EU will be subject to VAT and require a Formal Customs Declaration. Please find more details in this link
    * European Union (EU) countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

    Please note that Taxes, Duties, and customs clearance fees are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility as we are only charging the transportation fee on your order. The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions that may apply when purchasing our products. By placing an international order (shipping outside of Thailand) the buyer is responsible for abiding by their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions. If a product is seized and destroyed by customs, we will NOT be responsible for the losses, product, or shipping refunds.

     What is remote area DHL and how to avoid extra costs?

    What is remote area? ( Out of area )

    A remote area is defined as a place that is not close to any larger city or any other point where local depots of courier companies are located. Courier companies consider these areas difficult to reach and therefore surcharges and additional costs may apply for a delivery in a remote area.

    You need to pay $24.50 USD (800THB) extra costs.  Another option is to ship to another location, where you may have friends or family that non-remote region.

    This is very rare but can happen when your delivery address is too far from the main logistics centers. Please check your address by links in case that your address belongs to remote area: