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The official BOON® Sport online shop. Worldwide shipping in 3-4 working days. Free shipping within Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries does BOON® deliver?
We deliver our products worldwide with our logistics partner DHL Express. All orders are fulfilled from Bangkok, Thailand, and distributed from there.

For all orders within Thailand we offer free shipping.

How long does it take to receive my order?
It will take 3-4 working days from placing the order until you receive it at your doorstep. Our experience shows that most orders reach their destination already in about 2-3 working days.

Are all products in the online shop "ready to ship" or "made-to-order"?
In general, all of our products in the online shop are ready to ship. In case our products are "out of stock", you will not be able to put them in your shopping basket and it is marked as such. We are working hard to ensure that we have all of our items "in stock". As mentioned above, you will receive your order in maximum 3-4 working days after placing an order with us.

What is the "right" size for my shorts?
It always depends on your preference to determine what is the "right" short size for you. As a guidance, you can click on the "Sizing Chart" which is on each product page right below the "Add to Cart" button.

What is the "right" size for my Shin Guards?
It always depends on your individual physique and body structure. However, as a guidance you can click on the "Sizing Chart" which is on each product page right below the "Add to Cart" button.

Are your t-shirts, singlets and sweatshirts Thai or Western size?
Our t-shirts, singlets and sweatshirts are similar to Western sizes rather than Thai sizes. We recommend you order the sizes you normally wear with most international brands.

What are the "right" sizes for my coaching gear?
Please read our Blog Post about how to decide and choose the right size for your BOON Belly Protector (Pad), Kick Pads, and Focus Mitts.

How long does BOON® already exist?
BOON was founded in 2002 with the ambition to design and manufacture custom high-quality Muay Thai apparel. Working closely with fighters and gyms in Thailand, BOON quickly became a synonym for quality and attention to detail in the combat community. In 2005, the product portfolio was expanded to high-quality boxing equipment, such as kick pads, focus mitts, boxing gloves. Ever since we extend our range of products to serve our customers - fighters, athletes and enthusiasts alike - with premier combat products.

Where is all BOON® equipment manufactured?
All BOON gear and equipment is produced in Thailand. Most of our products are designed by our in-house team and manufactured in our own facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. All of our gear goes through a rigorous testing phase before production. To keep up our quality we have introduced strict quality control mechanisms to adhere what we stand for: high-quality, durable and authentic gear and equipment made with passion in Thailand. Since most of our equipment is hand-made, it might happen that there are slight differences in some products, e.g. shorts. The differences and small imperfections do not impact the functionality of our products.

Is BOON® sponsoring fighters and gyms?
We at BOON support several selected gyms in Thailand and worldwide. In addition, we support smaller and less well-known gyms which provide training to economically disadvantaged children in Bangkok, Thailand. We count several fighters to our "BOON family" who we provide with custom-made products, such as shorts, on a regular basis.

How can I contact BOON®?
If you have a question, please contact us via our contact form, eMail (, Facebook or Instagram. We are happy to assist you in whatever questions you have.

Where can I buy BOON® Sport gear and equipment?
The easiest and most convenient way to get your BOON gear is via our eCommerce shop. Check out our gloves, shorts, apparel, protective gear, pads & mitts, and accessories. In addition, you will find our products via selected distributors or on well-known market places like Amazon or eBay.

How much are the shipping costs for my order?
Before you check-out in our eCommerce shop, the shipping costs are displayed depending on the dimensions and weight of your order. We are very happy to provide you with preferable worldwide shipping rates with our logistics partner DHL. All shipping rates can be viewed here. In some cases, the delivery address is outside of DHL's delivery zone which increases delivery fees. In these cases we will get in touch with the customers directly. To improve further, we are continuously trying to minimize the shipping costs for our customers and we are constantly renegotiating the agreements we have with our logistics partner DHL.

We offer free shipping for all orders delivered within Thailand.

Are there any additional costs due to taxes and duties for my order?

Depending on the country you are living in and the declared value of the order there might be additional taxes and duties raised by the respective government. These additional costs are not included in the total costs paid to BOON at the time of checkout. Taxes and duties - if any - need to be paid by the individual customer at delivery. These are collected by DHL on behalf of governments, they are not shipping fees.

In very rare cases and for remote areas, there might be an additional "out-of-area" delivery charge of THB 800 for orders. In case this happens, we will get in touch with the respective customer.