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BOON Sport

BGVBR Classic Velcro Glove Brown & Black


  • Ergonomically designed Muay Thai style glove for intense training sessions
  • Top quality genuine cowhide, hand-made in Thailand
  • Compact hand compartment for secure, snug and firm fit
  • Optimal air circulation keeping hands cool
  • Wide hook-and-loop Velcro for superior wrist support
  • Three layers of foam for superb shock absorbency and excellent knuckle protection
  • Well-balanced with optimal weight distribution
  • Tested in professional Muay Thai gyms in Thailand and worldwide
  • Color: BOON Sport Signature brown with black palms, black BOON logo
  • Available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The Best!!!

My favorite gloves, Boon products have a special quality craftsmanship to them that you cannot replicate , find anywhere else. Cannot recommend them enough!

Jacob W.
Great gloves, great service

Just received these (10oz) in the mail and I'm so glad I got them! Right off the bat, the leather feels very nice. As I put my hands in, I worried for the briefest moment that they were too tight, but once in, they felt really comfortable and secure. They might require a bit of breaking-in for them to fit perfectly, but that's much better than if they were too large like the loosey goosey Combat Corner gloves I was using. Fit and finish is spot on, and I love the fact that they aren't flashy. Shipping was super quick and customer service was very accommodating and responsive. I also got a pair of the retro shorts. For a smaller guy like me (5' 6") they're perfect. The smaller waistband sits more on the hips rather than waist, great material, and the shorter cut works much better for me (shows off the weapons better). I'll be coming back to Boon for some sparring gloves and more!

My favorite gloves

Love these glove, I’ve owned 3 pairs in the last 5 years they are amazing and holdup very well! I like how wide the gloves are as there is space so it’s not tight around the palm, with hand wraps it’s a nice snug fit! My recommended gloves, only issue before was finding them to order, now I can order direct it’s great!

Definitely recommend those boxing gloves!

A year ago, I ordered this classic Velcro glove brown & black 14oz. model.
It needed only a brief period to soften up, perfect fit, hand is firmly maintained inside the glove, great craftsmanship, the Velcro is strong.
I’ve been training daily with those gloves and they still look and feel great.
Fast shipping and quick / efficient customer service.
I am actually a returning customer and just ordered another pair lace-up gloves black and white 16oz for sparring.

Ildar Khasanov
Production at height is like any BOON product

Workmanship at height is like any BOON product. At first glance, it is a bit unusual that the glove is really very tight on the hand, even without hand wraps my mid-size hand needs some effort to force inside the glove and squeeze the gripbar. An extended cuff with a filling tightly fixes the wrist even of my thin hand, while let's say my old Twins dangled on my wrist even with hand wraps (no offense to Twins - I also love them very much, it's just a design feature of the model and my personal physical features). I do not know how this will affect the mobility of the hands in the work in the clinch, but the fact that the wrist is additionally guarded by tight fixation is absolutely accurate.