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BOON Sport

BGVB Classic Velcro Glove Black


  • Ergonomically designed Muay Thai style glove for intense training sessions
  • Top quality genuine cowhide, hand-made in Thailand
  • Compact hand compartment for secure, snug and firm fit
  • Optimal air circulation keeping hands cool
  • Wide hook-and-loop Velcro for superior wrist support
  • Three layers of foam for superb shock absorbency and excellent knuckle protection
  • Well-balanced with optimal weight distribution
  • Tested in professional Muay Thai gyms in Thailand and worldwide
  • Color: All-black, black BOON logo
  • Available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic gloves

These really are a fantastic set of gloves. The wrist support is tremendous and the larger Velcro strap does not restrict you when in the clinch.

The quality and workmanship of the gloves is truly at another level. I have used many different brands in the past and can say these are the best.

The simplistic design coupled with the quality is just right for any Nak Muay.

Keep up the tremendous work Team Boon!

Will Kaiser
Amazing Quality and Mind Blowing Customer Service

First, The Gloves: These are stunning quality right out of the packaging. I got the all black BGVB in 16oz. for reference.

Glove Quality Highlights:

* Quality leather, no visible flaws and that authentic leather smell!
* Top tier stitching (flawless on my pair)
* The most perfect weight balance I've ever experienced in a glove
* The best wrist support I've ever had in a glove
* Super wide and strong velcro strap. You are locked in with these!

I typically train for an hour a day and I have a kink with my left wrist that I feel with misplaced hooks and body shots. But not with these gloves. Between the wrist support and the balance/padding distribution, these kept me comfortable and protected, even when my shots weren't precise.

There is also NO negative impact for me with the larger cuff and I'm a smaller guy, so these go halfway up my arm. Even at 16oz. and a long cuff, these "feel" light and flexible and are extremely easy to work with.

Second, the customer service: Mind. Blown.

I was expecting weeks based on other reviews I've read and was more than happy to wait. Two days after my order, I got the notification they'd be here in 10 days. Yes! Three days later... guess what... they arrived! What!? And mind you this is during a global pandemic where even Amazon can't promise fast delivery.

And a included was a thank you letter with my name hand written and a cool Boon t-shirt (in my size) at no extra charge.

Just amazing. I am a guaranteed return customer.

Awesome Gloves

Got my gloves super quickly, and they great quality! My hands feel great in these gloves, although a little tight at the moment (I have long fingers). The weight and padding distribution feel awesome. The padding is however a little dense for sparring.

Daniel Grant
Great fit and feel, high quality, quick shipping

Very happy with my purchase of these in 12oz all black. Upon visual inspection they look fantastic, I love the simple styling of this brand. The quality and workmanship is evidently very high. After a few rounds on the heavy bag the things that stand out to me are - great wrist support, they’re light and feel like an extension to my arm, and the padding distribution is perfect over the knuckles. They were delivered very quickly (3 days from purchase). I highly recommend these gloves. I’ll be back when I need a new pair of sparring gloves!