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BOON Sport

BGCBR Compact Velcro Glove Brown & Black


  • New ergonomically designed Muay Thai style boxing glove
  • Ideal for intense training sessions
  • Top quality genuine cowhide, hand-made in Thailand
  • Compact hand compartment, excellent fit for smaller hands and wrists
  • Optimal air circulation keeping hands cool
  • Shorter hook-and-loop Velcro with superior wrist support
  • Three layers of foam for superb shock absorbency and excellent knuckle protection
  • Well-balanced with optimal weight distribution
  • Color: Brown and black glove, BOON logo on glove and thumb
  • Available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Boon Compact

New to Muay Thai & purchased another set of gloves prior to the Boon Compact. It’s night & day difference in comfort and quality. The Boon Compact are snug and amazing quality leather. Will be using these from here on out! Will definitely buy another colorway soon too.

Patrick Peltz
Boon Gloves

I didn’t start training until I was 65 years old. A friend gave me a brand new set of black and brown leather Velcro 14 ounce Boon Boxing Gloves. Now I’m almost 69. I still use Boon gloves. The fit is excellent. The weight is perfect and I have maximum protection for my hands. I have tried other brands, but the Boon fits me well and gives me the protection I need. I’m Boon all the way. I like excellence!

Roy E
Great quality not the fit I was used to

I’ve been using the BGVBR gloves my favorite color and feel. The look of this nice and different so I ordered these. The quality is as expected however there are a few things make it a bit uncomfortable for me.

The Velcro strap is more narrow than the other. I liked the wider one because I felt more wrist support on a wider strap.

Second is the fit seems different it’s a much tighter fit than my previous gloves.

If you have smaller hands these gloves may be perfect for you, but for me I’m going to be ordering my original gloves.

Mike Ahumada
Excellent gloves

I was training in Koh Phangan and needed a pair of 12oz gloves for easier bag and pad work. Not only did the staff get them to me in 2 days but they turned out to be the most comfortable when hitting pads. Thank you again.