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BOON Sport

BGCR Compact Velcro Glove Red & White


  • New ergonomically designed Muay Thai style boxing glove
  • Ideal for intense training sessions
  • Top quality genuine cowhide, hand-made in Thailand
  • Compact hand compartment, excellent fit for smaller hands and wrists
  • Optimal air circulation keeping hands cool
  • Shorter hook-and-loop Velcro with superior wrist support
  • Three layers of foam for superb shock absorbency and excellent knuckle protection
  • Well-balanced with optimal weight distribution
  • Color: Red and white glove, BOON logo on glove and thumb
  • Available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Top Quality Compact 14oz

First, let me say that ordering from the Boon Sport website was a breeze. I placed my order on Wednesday and received email updates on my order status every step of the way. My gloves arrived the following Monday (4 business days). These gloves are no doubt top quality. It’s made with beautiful premium leather and you can smell it right out of the package. Everything about these gloves are very well made, from the stitching, the padding, to the Boon logo stitched on the cuffs—they are top notch. The gloves are called “compact” but they aren’t exactly “small.” Perhaps smaller than the regular competition Boon gloves but as compared to my Fairtex BVG1, they are bigger and come up higher on the forearm. Being brand new, they are a little bit stiff but in time, I’m certain they feel will better on the pads and bags. These gloves have a small compartment and feel nice and tight on the hand. I would even be okay using them without wraps. The cuffs also offer a lot of support on the wrists which would allow me to really smash some pads without the worry of injury. The gloves also have padding on the palms which will help protect the hands while clinching and perhaps using your palms to block knees. All in all, these are great gloves and would recommend them to anyone in any level of Muay Thai.

james Yocono
Compact design 12oz

Less than 48 hour delivery upon ordering them online from the Boon website. 1st class ordering, notification of order placed, map showing your location, and a picture of the item purchased. DHL also sends notification w/ emails, and cell. Really liked this up to speed tech service.

The gloves are super light compared to my compact mesh Fairtex BGV1. Also, more compact and form fitting. The cuff is flatter, oval shaped, rather than round. The gloves are also more slimline in profile. The fit is much tighter, which I like, once I start to sweat, my Fairtex start to roll, especially when I'm not using wraps. I think any glove that feels more natural on your hand, and not bulky is a great thing for sparring. Now I wish I would have gone with the 14 oz. I'm telling you, these gloves are as light as a feather.