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BOON, Covid and Face Masks

BOON, Covid and Face Masks

The covid 19 epidemic has affected the entire planet and is placing an enormous strain on health care systems. To keep the wheels turning and provide much needed equipment BOON is now selling washable face masks.

There are different opinions on the effectiveness of masks, with some pointing to WHO and CDC guidelines that only recommend masks for medical staff and those infected. This is possibly to prevent hoarding and make sure front line workers have the necessary equipment. These guidelines may change in the coming days.

Research shows masks can be very effective when worn by everybody and combined with other strategies such as wearing glasses, no face touching and frequent hand washing. A mask should cover a large area of the face and be comfortable to prevent frequent readjustment.

The rate of transmission slowed in Asian countries when masks were used. Thailand was the first country outside China to record a covid 19 infection, yet the virus has not spread nearly as fast as other countries. While the heat is a factor, it's worth noting that masks have been worn in Bangkok since December due to pollution.

In Thailand there are no reports of infections occurring when large crowds gathered in late February and mid March. Almost everyone had a mask.

Locations in Bangkok where large scale transmission has occurred are air con environments such as boxing stadiums and pubs, where people have been in close proximity and not wearing masks.

Over the coming days BOON will provide more info related to masks.

Washable Face Masks x 12 = $25

This site has excellent info on masks effectiveness and how to make your own