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Friends & Partners

Our gear and equipment is used in well-known gyms and coaches in Thailand and abroad. We are happy to call numerous gyms as part of our "BOON family":

  • Sitmonchai Gym (Bangkok, Thailand),
  • Bor.Breecha Muay Thai Gym (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Lionheart Muay Thai Koh Samui (Koh Samui, Thailand),
  • Cambodian Top Team (Phnom Penh, Cambodia),
  • Prokout Fitness & Fight Center (Phnom Penh, Cambodia),
  • Onyx Gym (Singapore, Singapore),
  • Boonchu Gym (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia),
  • Combat Sports Academy (Dublin, California, USA),
  • Team Universal Muay Thai (Phoenix, USA), 
  • Don Millar Muay Thai (St Kilda, Victoria, Australia),
  • Heart of the Tiger Thai Boxing (Kettering, UK),
  • David's gym


We are happy to show you some Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing coaches as part of our "BOON family":

  • Kru Dam, Sitmonchai Gym (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Dewey Cooper, Black Kobra Striking Systems (Las Vegas, USA)
  • Coach Alex Striking, Jackson Wink MMA (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
  • Isaac W. Glendening, Stay Fly Muay Thai (Philadelphia, USA),